Press Release

For Immediate Release

A games company is pushing the boundaries of the medium in order to create new experiences, and maybe even improve education. ir GAMES (founded 2015) has just announced the full release of their premiere trading card game - Minds Across Time - in which the talents of historical characters (like Leonardo da Vinci or Sarah Breedlove) are used to build products that expand your economic empire while undermining the opponent's. Decks are available from their website ( along with teaser art for some of their other upcoming releases.

Card games aren't the only thing ir GAMES is trying to change, however. Their recently launched Patreon page (<>) links to a web demo of an IP they're calling "The Adventures of Captain Epoch". The demo uses a proprietary programming language called ChoiceWriter to tell the beginnings of a story involving time travel and Leonardo da Vinci. ir GAMES claims they are targeting mobile, but hope to also release for the Nintendo Switch.