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Math - Faster, better, easier. Edgy is a fun, flexible, researched game that teaches multiple elementary math concepts. Edgy combines several types of learning into one intuitive interactive experience.

Help your 1st-5th grade students practice basic math skills with this fun activity!

Edgy is a great way to spend time together as a family. Edgy has fast rounds, is easy to learn, and is enjoyable for children and adults alike! Plus, it will help your 1st-5th graders strengthen their basic math skills.

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Edgy is fun, easy to learn, and surprising! Each game with 2-3 players lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and is full of learning experiences. After only a few games, kids have a much deeper understanding of multiplication and shape geometry. On top of that, the whole family can enjoy trading, spotting groups, and, of course, using Mathical Abilities.

No matter why you start playing Edgy, you'll keep coming back for the fun, fast, and friendly gameplay. Test out new strategies! Try new tactics! Trade more tiles!



Edgy helps students meet educational standards in grades 2-5 (most are for grade 3), and is playable by students in grade 2 or higher. To give a sense of scope, Edgy helps 3rd grade students master about a fifth of the mathematics standards for their grade level all by itself. Research in cognitive psychology indicates that spaced rehearsal and active recall (e.g. for flash cards or tests) are some of the most effective strategies for learning. Edgy encourages both of these, suggesting that it may be one of the most effective ways to understand multiplication.

See the standards alignment document for a detailed analysis and pedagogical recommendations.



Edgy offers a smooth and intuitive introduction to multiplication, one of the largest and hardest topics of early primary (1st-3rd grade) math. Edgy adapts gracefully to students with different knowledge and skill levels. The game can be adapted for younger players by playing Edgy with a smaller maximum grid size (a maximum grid size of 5, for example). For very young players, Edgy can also be played without Mathical Abilities.

As students learn more by playing Edgy, the maximum grid size can gradually be increased, exposing students to practice with larger multiplications. This smooth transition helps prevent frustration by allowing students to play at just the right level for them.